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Click here to view a list of presentations that were recorded at the 2015 AAP Conference in Montreal, Canada and are available for viewing now. Watch videos of this great conference and share comments and dialogue with the presenters on the blogs.

Click here to watch in-depth interviews with Martha Crampton, Piero Ferruci, Anne Gila and John Firman, Didi Firman, Thomas and Anne Yeomans, Mark Horowitz, Molly Brown  and Betty Bosdell discussing their life with psychosynthesis and understanding of psychosynthesis core concepts.

Click here (under construction) to watch recordings from previous AAP conferences. All recordings have been converted and can now be viewed on mobile devices!

Please note that videos play smoothly from beginning to end, but, as a result of the length of the videos, starting a video before it has downloaded, causes stuttering and stalling. If you use the video in a teaching context, and need a workaround regarding this limitation, contact Vincent for instructions.

Although the content of the videos is offered for free through the generosity of the presenters and AAP, this delivery system and video content creation is not free and your financial contribution is appreciated to make this possible and sustainable. Contributions from Tom Yeomans, Mark Horowitz, The KY Center of Psychosynthesis and the estate of Cynthia Boast have helped to support this endeavor and your donation increases the likelihood that more videos will be added in the future. Send an email with your pledge to vincentdummer (at) cs (dot) com and arrangements for payment can be made.

Did you know that the KY Center of Psychosynthesis offers an online 3 year in-depth mindfulness based psychosynthesis training? The cost is only $900 per year. read more.

Anyone interested in linking to the videos for instance for training and/or embedding it on a website, will need permission from Vincent Dummer. There will be a one-time fee of $100 per video for the license fee and establishing the link.

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