First meeting of PRF
Second meeting of PRF (case presentation, will)
Third meeting of PRF (Guided waking dream technique)
Initiated symbol projection technique- demonstration
The "Who am I" technique
Discussion of the self
Desoille's reve eveille dirige
Leuner's method
Examples of the use of symbolic visualization
Perceptual experience and psychopathology
The will
Group participation in initiated symbol projection
Bio-energetic analysis - the systematic inclusion of work on chronic muscular tension into the psychoanalytic process
Brief encounters: An integration of non-verbal and fantasy methods into small group process
The principles of general semantics in relation to psychosynthesis
Demonstration of a technique of group exploration of consciousness
Bio-synthesis as an aspect of psychosynthesis
The "Who am I" technique in psychotherapy
Demonstration of Gestalt therapy
A method of direct experience of the inner self
An exploration into the future of psychotherapy
Discussion of Winter program and Rome conference
Repression of the sublime
A Jungian's view of psychosynthesis
Sensory awareness and total functioning
Does hypnosis have a place in psychosynthesis?
Treatmentof psychopaths with techniques of psychosynthesis
Talk to American Association for Humanistic Psychology
Report on the psychosynthesis meetings held during the annual meeting of the AAHP and APA
The relationship between the psychedelic experience and some of the techniques of psychosynthesis
Self-confrontation games in simulated family groups
The relationship of the EEG to spontaneous and induced changes in states of consciousness
Methods of evoking the psyche - the relationship of wholistic depth psychology to psychosynthesis
The application of psychosynthesis principles and techniques to a community mental health program
Experientially oriented psychotherapy and its relation to psychosynthesis
Self and the use of the exercise in disidentification
The self and the Self
The Will
Psychosynthesis in relation to experience, values, and psychoanalysis
Findings from LSD research regarding personality theory and transpersonal experiences
The will - conceptions and experiences
The role of mental imagery in experimentally induced telepathic dreams - and its relationship to psycho-synthesis
The application of psychosynthesis to my work as an anesthesiologist
The psychology of hope
Psychosynthesis in a group setting
The second-chance family: a new medium for self-directed personal growth
The Prometheus project
Some results of melding psychosynthesis and religious concepts in handling drug abuse
The concept of energy and techniques for energy raising; eastern and western approaches
Bio-feedback: brainwaves and consciousness
Contrasting models of man in Skinner's behaviorism and humanistic psychology
Some applications of psychosynthesis in the educational field
Preparation of the vessel or plugging the holes in our buckets- a psychosynthesis approach to working with adolescents
Personal psychosynthesis in groups for alcoholics, drug addicts and schizophrenics
The use of the Desoille and other mental imagery techniques with school children
Application of psychosynthesis techniques to child psychotherapy
Opening Address to the international conference on psychosynthesis