Discussion Thomas Yeomans and Piero Ferruci: Transpersonal Perspective of Psychosynthesis

Celebrating the World Day of Psychosynthesis for the fifth year and online for its second year, organisers Psykosyntesföreningen and Psykosyntesförbundet co-host the 2021 event with the European Psychosynthesis Association (EPA).

The theme for the 2021 event is “A Transpersonal Perspective of Psychosynthesis ”

“It is our great joy and honour to announce that this year’s speakers will be no others than Piero Ferrucci and Thomas Yeomans who will converse on the subject of a ‘transpersonal perspective of psychosynthesis’. This topic is more relevant than ever in a world going through rapid transformation and where we see a growing interest in the topic of the transpersonal.”

Susanne Halsius, Psykosyntesföreningen

This video is an edited recording of the World Day of Psychosynthesis also available on Youtube


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