Holy Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening

By Thomas Yeomans


From the Preface:
This book is about human beauty—the deep beauty of the soul as it emerges and shines more and more fully within us. It is about the process by which this emergence comes to be, and the vicissitudes of the journey that we take in order to be fulfilled in this way. It is a report from the 50 years or so of what I have experienced and learned from working with others to support and nourish this soul birth and journey within their lives, and it is also a reflection on my own experience of this birth and journey and the experiences along the way that have led to understanding this process more clearly and deeply.


Thomas and Anne Yeomans in conversation about his new book Holy Fire: the Process of Soul Awakening (video)


2015 AAP Conference Videos

The 2015 AAP International Conference
Montréal, Québec, Canada
August 5-9, 2015

Be Your True Self:
Discovering Inner Resources


The Self and the many interpretations of this “higher” or “deeper” aspect of human experience are of growing interest in the field of psychology and human development. More and more clinicians and searchers are discovering that in order to help people effectively or to move forward on their paths, people need to access the heights as well as the depths of their being. Psychosynthesis provided one of the earliest models that embraced and illuminated the wholeness possible to humanity. This conference hopes to access and present the classical psychosynthesis models and new approaches, research and applications that make the Self a transformative element in the practical world of everyday life and in clinical practice. Presentations at this conference will be of interest and use to practitioners in other disciplines of psychology and education as well as other helping professions. Psychosynthesis offers not only tools to help with clients, but also tools to assist people in the helping professions to recharge themselves when the demands of their practice drain energy and cloud purpose.

The Conference Keynote Address, “The Ubiquity of Self,” is delivered by Gianni Yoav Dattilo, PhD of the Italian Society of Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (SIPT).

Other Featured Speakers will include:
Dorothy Firman, EdD, author of Engaging Life: Living Well With Chronic Illness and Director of The Synthesis Center in Amherst, MA
Mark Horowitz, MA, author of The Dance of WE: The Mindful Use of LOVE and POWER in Human Systems
Richard Schaub, PhD, co-author of Transpersonal Development: Cultivating the Human Resources of Peace, Wisdom, Purpose and Oneness, and co-director of the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center;
Thomas Yeomans, PhD, author of Soul on Earth and director of The Concord Institute.
Massimo Rosselli, MD, of the Italian Society of Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (SIPT).

And many more.

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