Online Training

Traditionally, psychosynthesis has been taught in the format of an intensive one week basic training, covering the main theory and principles of psychosynthesis, and a three year continued professional training consisting of 8 weekends a year, covering the main principles in more depth.

We have video recordings of a basic training and two years of continued training available for online training. Permission for recording these seminars was granted under the stipulation that these recordings can only be viewed in a training context.  Therefore these recordings are available if a trainee contracts with an established trainer who agrees to serve as a mentor. The mentor guides the training experience, answers questions and assists in applying the principles to the personal experience of the trainee. The number of mentoring sessions is a minimum of 3 for the basic training and 1 for each weekend of continued training, or 16 for the complete continued training. All mentoring sessions are conducted through video conferencing or phone.

In addition to viewing the training materials, it is beneficial to also have a buddy to do exercises with and to have training sessions with a psychosynthesis trained guide. Sessions are not a substitute for counseling sessions. The focus of a session is on applying and exploring the topic or principle from personal experience. Although sessions may be helpful and therapeutic, it is not treatment in the traditional sense. Sessions may reveal personal issues that are better further explored and treated within a traditional treatment setting.

The costs for training material is free. The fees for the mentoring and training sessions are negotiated between the trainee and mentor or guide. A typical fee is $100 for 90 minutes session.

A list of available trainers is under development.