Psychosynthesis Conference Plenary Presentations, Keynotes, Workshops

Over the years, conferences offered the opportunity for the psychosynthesis community to connect with colleagues and explore new applications and ideas in psychosynthesis. Keynote presentations as well as a variety of other workshops and plenary presentations have been recorded on video and are available for viewing below. Most of these conferences were organized by the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (AAP) in collaboration with a local psychosynthesis center. Recordings from conferences  in Amherst (2004), St. Paul (2005), Lexington (2006), Pleasant Hill (2007), Brattleboro (2008), Chicago (2010)  and Quebec (2015)  are listed below.

Bonnie and Richard Schaub:  From Dante to Assagioli  (AAP Conference: Amherst, MA -2004)
John Firman & Ann Gila:  Our Psychosynthesis Journey (AAP Conference: St. Paul, MN -2005)
Martha Crampton: Psycho-energetics: an Evolution of Psychosynthesis in the 21st Century  (AAP Conference: St. Paul, MN  -2005)
Huston Smith: Human Growth, Religion and Psychology (AAP Conference: Lexington KY. -2006)
Robert Anderson: Updating Biopsychosynthesis (AAP Conference: Lexington, KY  -2006)
Huston Smith: More Questions and Answers (AAP Conference: Pleasant Hill, CA -2007)
Debbie Ford: The Gifts and Powers of Psychosynthesis (AAP Conference: Pleasant Hill, CA -2007)
Tom Yeomans: Psychosynthesis: The Unfinished Cathedral  (AAP Conference: Pleasant Hill, Ca. 2007)
Abby Seixas:  The Deep River Within (AAP Conference: Brattleboro VT  -2008)
Robert Anderson: Things I Wish I Had Been Taught in Graduate School  (AAP Conference: Braddleboro VT  -2008)
Tom Yeomans: The Soul’s Descent (AAP Conference: Brattleboro VT  -2008)
Didi Firman: Living Inside/Living Outside (AAP Conference: Brattleboro VT  -2008)
Anne Yeomans: Standing Up for the Mother (AAP Conference: Brattleboro VT  -2008)
Tom Yeomans:  The Soul of Psychosynthesis  (AAP Conference Key Note Address: Chicago Ill  -2010)
Molly Brown:  Psychosynthesis for the Great Turning  (AAP Conference Presentation: Chicago Ill -2010)
Mark Horowitz: Love, Power and Systems  (AAP Conference Presentation: Chicago Ill -2010)
Piero Ferrucci: The Creative Link (European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, Netherlands -2011)
Gerald Huther: The Social Organization of the Human Brain (European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, Netherlands -2011)
Gianni Yoav Dattilo: The Ubiquity of Self (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Didi Firman: Psychosynthesis and Healing: Exploring Illness and Wholeness (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Tom Yeomans: Soul Process Work (2 parts) (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Massimo Rosselli: Being Your Self at Home and the Presence of Longing (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Mark Horowitz: Losing and Re-finding Self/self in Human Systems (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Didi Firman: Goodness of Fit: Psychosynthesis Coaching as a Path to Right Livelihood (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Michael Brown: Hemispheric Synchronization (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Mark Horowitz: Seeing Others and Being Yourself: The Life-long Practice of Balancing Love and Power in Relationships (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Michael Brown: A Psychosynthesis 12 Step Process for Transforming Consciousness (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Jon Schottland: Assagioli’s Gifts: Symbols and Techniques for Personal Transformation (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Richard Schaub: Reducing Suffering: The Clinical Applications of Psychosynthesis (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Dirk Kelder: Selfless Self – The Journey Toward Wholeness   (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Victoria Gulino:  Psychosynthesis Methods for Working with Trauma: Accessing Inner Wisdom (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Massimo Rosselli: Embodying the Rights of the Soul for your Self to Be Here (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Tom Yeomans: The Third Awakening (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
Anne Yeomans: “Confidence in your Self, not in Your Personality” (Roberto Assagioli) (AAP conference presentation: Quebec -2015)
John Firman, Mark Horowitz, John Parks, Tom and Anne Yeomans, Molly Brown share their experiences visiting Assagioli. Reminiscing Roberto Assagioli (PDC: Nazareth, KY. -2003)