Discussion Thomas Yeomans and Piero Ferruci: Transpersonal Perspective of Psychosynthesis

Celebrating the World Day of Psychosynthesis for the fifth year and online for its second year, organisers Psykosyntesföreningen and Psykosyntesförbundet co-host the 2021 event with the European Psychosynthesis Association (EPA).

The theme for the 2021 event is “A Transpersonal Perspective of Psychosynthesis ”

“It is our great joy and honour to announce that this year’s speakers will be no others than Piero Ferrucci and Thomas Yeomans who will converse on the subject of a ‘transpersonal perspective of psychosynthesis’. This topic is more relevant than ever in a world going through rapid transformation and where we see a growing interest in the topic of the transpersonal.”

Susanne Halsius, Psykosyntesföreningen

This video is an edited recording of the World Day of Psychosynthesis also available on Youtube


Interview Roberto Assagioli

Interview Roberto Assagioli by Evarts Loomis from”Healing the Whole Person”

Interview of Roberto Assagioli, MD, Father of Psychosynthesis, by Evarts G. Loomis, MD, Father of Holistic Medicine.


This interview is excerpted from the 1973 film Healing the Whole Person, produced by Dr. Loomis and filmed by Ray Garner.  Permission to use this clip was granted by Fay Loomis who holds the copyright.