The Psychosynthesis Video Portraits project is a series of eight video taped interviews with prominent psychosynthesis teachers who have worked with the psychosynthesis principles for several decades.

The interviews document through the experiences of the interviewee the history of psychosynthesis, the core concepts, principles and applications of psychosynthesis, and especially, the process of psychosynthesis as actualized in the interviewee's life. Each interviewee offers their own view on psychosynthesis and collectively these views are a beautiful representation of the richness of psychosynthesis and the profound effects it has had on people's life.

Currently, interviews have been conducted with Martha Crampton, Betty Bosdell, Mark Horowitz, Didi Firman, Tom Yeomans, Piero Ferrucci, Ann Gila, Molly Brown and Anne Yeomans. A bonus gift is an interview with John firman from 1999. Click here to see the videos.

The final stage of this project will begin this fall, when all the interviews will be edited in a coherent documentary about psychosynthesis.

This project has only been possible through the dedicated effort and volunteer time of the interviewees, interviewers and producer and has been completely self-funded. It took twelve people (interviewer, interviewee and producer) a total of 52 days to travel and do the interviews. For each hour of video, a day was spend in the editing room or a total of about 24 days of editing. The travel expenses for this project were about $3000 and the equipment/software investment was about $10000. The editing of the final documentary will easily take another 30-60 days of work. If you feel inspired to financially support this project, email Vincentdummer (at) cs (dot) com to make arrangements for a donation or click on the paypal donate button in the upper right corner.