Fifty years ago, the Psychosynthesis Research Foundation was instrumental in bringing Psychosynthesis to the USA. Now we have access to the archives produced by PRF and may share in the excitement that these early pioneers experienced as well as the challenges that they encountered trying to understand some of the profound concepts of psychosynthesis. If you are looking for a good and quick introduction of psychosynthesis, read this article by Assagioli. To see the only video with Assagioli, check here.

Since these early years, many publications have followed, reflecting the rich development and diverse applications of psychosynthesis. Many of these publications are available here, including many of the publications that are out of print. For a recent article covering the main concepts of psychosynthesis, check this article by John Firman and Ann Gila.

Videos of psychosynthesis presentations exploring core contructs of psychosynthesis, keynote presentations and introductory workshops are posted to reflect emerging understanding in Psychosynthesis. Our newest initiative is Psychosynthesis Portraits, featuring interviews with Martha Crampton, Betty Bosdell, Mark Horowitz, Didi Firman, Tom Yeomans, Piero Ferrucci, John Firman and Ann Gila, Molly Brown and Anne Yeomans. We are very grateful to Ann Gila for granting us permission to include a video interview of John Firman (1999). These videos offer a current record of the theory and practice of psychosynthesis. Check this video, to get an overview of the history of psychosynthesis by Tom Yeomans. Most recent videos come from the Spring Conference of the European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy with Piero Ferrucci. On a lighter note, check out this performance of a psychosynthesis "theme song".

Finally, a beginning is made to establish a database of empirical research articles and PPT presentations that may strengthen the evidence base of psychosynthesis and inspire further research. You can participate in ongoing research by completing a questionnaire.

These resources are sponsored by the Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis. If interested in affordable high quality psychosynthesis training in a distance learning format, check out their training program. These reources are made available with the intention that they may foster the growth of psychosynthesis. It is hoped that increasing the conceptual understanding of psychosynthesis will lead to an interest in a deeper experiential understanding of psychosynthesis as can be obtained through psychosynthesis workshops and treatment.

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