Current research project

Data from a pilot study, presented by Vincent Dummer at the AAP conference in Amherst (2005), suggests that psychological growth as conceptualized in psychosynthesis, can be measured and that as a group, psychosynthesis practitioners differ from the average population in the expected direction of psychological growth. For a powerpoint presentation of the findings of this study, click here. (click on the captions note icon at the right bottom to see the presenters notes)

As a next step of this research project, volunteers who are seeking psychological growth, are asked to participate in a study to help determine whether measurable changes happen over a period of time. Ideally, a measurement would be taken before a person intends to make a significant growth step, such as begin to psychosynthesis training or therapy, and the measurements would be repeated with yearly intervals. Actually, anybody who is seriously seeking psychological growth is invited to participate in this study, regardless of any specific involvement in psychosynthesis. The survey also has a component that can be completed by an outside observer such as a spouse or best friend, to establish some intersubjectivity. After at least two measurements have been obtained and the participant wants to end the study, the participant may request feedback of the results which may be offered in the form of a written report or a telephone interview. If you have any questions before you want to participate or want to request a feedback report of your results, fill out this request form.

If you would like to participate in this study, click here.

If you are an outside observer of somebody who is participating in this study, click here.

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